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The Beautiful Burger

Today I made burgers on my daddy's BIRTHDAY ! We used      Beef mince Shallots Egg Lots of black pepper    Tiny bit of salt.        I mixed it all together with my hands and then I made them into flat circles with a burger squasher (a burgerlater). We cooked it on the BBQ and wrapped it in lovely, tasty bacon and had brioche rolls.  My Daddy likes to have:- Jalapenos Cheddar cheese Smoky bacon Cucumber Onion and burger! And that's it! We ate the burgers with salad and tortilla chips.

Vegetarian Puff Pastry Pizzas

At the weekend I had lots of ideas for vegetarian food. Yesterday I made vegetarian puff pastry pizzas with my sister and Ella who looks after me. I chopped all the vegetables. Tomatoes Asparagus Onions Olives Red peppers Celery Mushrooms Cucumber for me Pickled Jalapenos, For Lara I cut them up a bit smaller. I used puff pastry. I put tomato sauce on. I used tomato puree. Then I put vegetables on. We put mozzarella on the top. I told Ella to put it on once it was all cooked but we put it on before it was cooked so it melted. It also had a cheese-filled crust. We put cheddar inside and then we wrapped the pastry up. Ella put it in the oven for 10 minutes. At the end we left it to cool down for 4 minutes. It tasted really good because of the crust. It had a beautiful taste of tomatoes. A sweet cream taste of the cheese. It was healthy but also a little bit sweet.  We had it with salad. Next time I would put the mozzarella once it had cooked and cooled d